About Us

Mission in UPLIFTING THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY IN ASIA To Nurture 100,000 SMEs as a Socially Conscious Business Community, into Globalisation.

Since 2002, We have been working on the alignment of SMEs, Business Leaders, for global businesses. As the Global Business Hub & Eco-system for Education, Connection & Funding, working with our network of global mentors, connecting them to global network of business leaders for exponential growth & shine in business & life. In this SHINE GoGLOBAL Success Series, we take you as far as you want to go.


  • Reliable Transformation
  • Latest Technology
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Resilience
  • Growth-focused
  • Humanity-driven
  • System-based
Our GoGlobal Package offers (not limited to)

  • WEB TV Business Model
  • Focused Marketing Structure
  • Business Planning
  • Scalable Business
  • Global Networking & Referrals
  • Financial Roadmap
  • Online Business
  • Technology-Based Solution
  • Business Development Team
  • Lifelong Mentorship
  • Digitalised Products
  • Brain & Being Technology
  • Business Awards
  • Proven System
  • Economy Reports
  • Global Certification
  • Legacy Building