Start Thinking Differently [A Message from Dame DC Cordova]

Start Thinking Differently [A Message from Dame DC Cordova]

We are delighted to share this message from our SHINE ADA Mentor, Dame DC Cordova, CEO, Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs / Money & You.
Dear Friends & Grads:

I have fervently been writing the first couple of books in our new Money & You Book Series.

I went through many of my files and books that I have supported, influenced or published like Robert Kiyosaki’s first best-selling book: If You Want To Be Rich and Happy, Don’t Go to School?…

And I found this great quote:

“For people who are praying to God for more money, I say this: First open your eyes to how much the Universe has already given you. Look from eyes of abundance, not from eyes blinded by a belief in scarcity. Then pray that God will get out battery cables, clip them to your ears and jump-start your brain so that you can start thinking.”

I always loved that, and realized that that’s exactly what the Money & You program did for him and many of the over 100,000 graduates that have attended the program since 1979!

Let us jump-start your brain so that you start thinking differently. The games, learning experiences, the breakthroughs and the interactions with other participants who are also committed to taking their lives to a whole other level, make Money & You one of the most extraordinary educational events in existence today!

You’ll also join a truly international network of entrepreneurs that not only like to make money, but also do good, have fun, and go to the “fringes” of thinking today.

Money & You is different, effective, interactive — a great weekend with music, frequent refreshments, meals, and laughter!

We have people coming to Southern California from Singapore and other countries on February 25 – 28.

If you are ready to register:
(For India, please register here:

If two sign up at the same time, it’s only $1,695 each (Rs. 85,000/- each), so consider bringing a business partner, a friend or your beloved.

It’s 100% money-back guaranteed!

Graduates, be sure to return and review for free. You have a lifetime membership! And pass the word!

Any questions: +1 (619) 224-8880 or email:
(For India, please contact: +91 7025354440 or email:

We look forward to having you join us at Money & You!


Dame DC Cordova
CEO, Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs / Money & You
Next So Cal Money & You: Feb. 25 – 28

In Chennai, India, Money &  You is on: Feb 18-21 and (With Business Networking Session on Feb 22), for information visit here:



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